James Carroll Flushes Chris Hunichen

With roughly 10,000 in the middle and the flop reading [As9s3c], James Carroll checked from the big blind to Chris Hunichen in the hijack. Hunichen bet 3,000 and Carroll check-raised to 8,500. Hunichen called as the turn landed the [Qd]. Carroll bet out 19,000 and Hunichen called. The river fell the [Ks]

Chris Hunichen Out to Early Lead

On a board of [7hAc5c9h4d] with roughly 75,000 in the middle, Darren Elias checked from the hijack to Chris Hunichen in the cutoff. Hunichen bet out 60,000 and left himself with a single 1,000-denomination chip. Elias mulled over his decision for a few minutes before making the call. Hunichen tabled his [9c9d]

Chris Hunichen Doubles Through Shankar Pillai

Chris Hunichen was all in for 17,500 holding [Ac3c] against Shankar Pillai's [ThTs]. The board ran out [6h4h3s2dAh] and Hunichen improved to two pair on the river to secure the double.

Sam Soverel Doubles Through Chris Hunichen

Chris Hunichen raised to 3,500 from the small blind and Sam Soverel three-bet to 14,000 from the big blind. Hunichen moved all-in for roughly 110,000, and Soverel called all-in for 88,000. Hunichen: [4h4c] Soverel: [8h8d] The board ran out [5dJsJc3c3h] and Soverel collected a double.

Top Pair for Chris Hunichen

Chris Hunichen raised to 4,000 from the hijack and Sam Soverel three-bet to 11,500 in the cutoff. Hunichen checked the [3d8c6d] flop and Soverel bet 8,000. Hunichen called, and then the [Td] and [2d] checked through on the turn and river. Hunichen tabled his [AcTc] for top pair, and Soverel mucked.

Chris Hunichen Wins on the River

Sam Soverel raised to 3,500 from under the gun and Aaron Van Blarcum called in the small blind. Chris Hunichen three-bet to 16,000 from the big blind, and Soverel called as Van Blarcum folded. The flop landed [Qh9dJd] and Hunichen checked. Soverel bet 11,000 and Hunichen called as the [Jh] checked