Chino Rheem Eliminated

Right around the time the players went on break, Chino Rheem busted. Marty Mathis told us the details of the hand. Lineu Penteado opened and Chino Rheem, having only looked at one of his cards, had a back and forth about going all in and eventually did just that. Penteado called. Lineu

Rheem Doubles Urbanovich

In a pre-flop clash between Dzmitry Urbanovich (hijack)and Chino Rheem (cutoff), all the chips went in the middle with the former at risk for his 9,125,000-stack. Dzmitry Urbanovich: [AsAh] Chino Rheem: [9s9c] It came [Kc6h3d] [Tc] [Ad] and Urbanovich doubled.

”I’m Going to Teach You to Not Limp My Button”

Brunno Botteon De Albuquerque was one of the online players who found their way to Day 3. He just doubled up Chino Rheem and Rheem, and his neighbor Rainer Kempe, were kind enough to provide the details. De Albuquerque limped under the gun and another player limped as well. Rheem pushed

Zeiter Busts to Rheem

Diego Zeiter, who qualified for Day 3 of this event online, has just been eliminated. He opened for 2.5 million with about a million behind. Big blind Chino Rheem wanted to put him all in but didn't commit enough chips so it was rules a call. On the flop of [5s9d5d],

Rheem Runs Out of Time

Chino Rheem raised to 500,000 from early position and Tunay Husnu Ece three-bet to 1,600,000. Rheem called after the other players all folded. The flop fell [qc5h5d] and Rheem checked. Husnu Ece bet all in for 5,575,000 and he put Rheem in a tough spot. He had to use up all

Barausova Felted by Rheem

Chino Rheem sat on the button when it folded to him. He raised to 500,000 and small blind Tatyana Barausova pushed all in for her last 2,050,000. Rheem called after having to use one time extension card. Rheem showed [jh9s] and said: ''That's not good'' when he saw Barausova open up