Erik Seidel Doubles Through Chance Kornuth

Action folded to Erik Seidel in the cutoff, and he opened to 25,000. Chance Kornuth was next to act on the button and called. Jason Koon was in the small blind and called. The flop fell [9c4c3h], and action checked to Kornuth, and he bet 25,000. Koon folded, and action

Eric Worre Eliminated by Chance Kornuth

Eric Worre open-shoved his last 26,500 into the middle from early position, and Chance Kornuth called in the cutoff. Worre: [Ks4s] Kornuth: [Ad8h] The board ran out [qh9h8c8s5d], and Kornuth turned trip eights to eliminate Worre.

Jake Daniels Eliminated by Chance Kornuth

With the board reading [Kh2h8s], the action was on Chance Kornuth, who was facing a shove from Jake Daniels for approximately 90,000. Kornuth used two-time extensions and called. Kornuth: [Qh7h] Daniels: [Kc7c] The dealer burned and turned the [Ah] to complete Kornuth's flush, leaving Daniels drawing dead before the [5h] hit