Chad Eveslage Crosses The One Million Chip Mark

Omaha Hi-Lo Action folded to Maxx Coleman, and he opened to 40,000. Chad Evslage was in the big blind and raised to 60,000. Coleman called. The flop fell [8d8s3h], Evesalge bet, and Coleman called. The dealer burned and turned the [2d] and Eveslage bet. Coleman quickly folded, and Eveslage crossed the

Chad Evesalge vs. Jared Bleznick vs. Hal Rotholz

2-7 Triple Draw Jared Bleznick opened to 40,000, and action folded to Hal Rotholz in the cutoff, and he called. Chad Eveslage was in the big blind and called. On the first draw, Eveslage drew three, Bleznick drew two, and Rotholz drew one. Action checked to Rotholz, and he bet, Eveslage

Chad Evesalge vs. Maxx Coleman

2-7 Triple Draw Chad Eveslage opened to 20,000, and Maxx Coleman called in the big blind. On the first draw, Coleman drew three, and Evesalge drew two. Coleman bet 10,000, Evesalge raised, and Coleman called. On the second draw, Coleman drew one, and Evesalge drew one. Coleman checked Evesalge bet 20,000,

Chad Eveslage Doubles Through Sam Panzica

No-Limit Hold'em With the cards already tabled, Chad Eveslage was all-in, and Sam Panzica called. Eveslage: [AdKh] Panzica: [AxJx] The board ran out [Th4s7cAcKd], and Eveslage rivered two pair to double.

Jared Bleznick Scoops Chad Eveslage

Omaha Hi-Lo Chad Eveslage opened to 12,000, and Jared Bleznick called in the big blind. The flop fell [Jd5c3c] and Bleznick checked. Evesalge bet 6,000 and Bleznick called. The dealer burned and turned the [2d], and Bleznick checked. Eveslage bet 12,000 and Bleznick called. The river [4c] completed the board and

Vasu Amarapu Scoops Chad Eveslage

Stud Hi-Lo Daniel Negreanu had the bring-in and Vasu Amarapu called. Chad Eveslage completed and after Negreanu folded, Amarapu called. Eveslage bet out on fourth and fifth with Amarapu calling before he took the betting lead on sixth and seventh with Eveslage calling. Amarapu: [XxXx] / [8d4dQc2d] / [Xx] Eveslage: [XxXx] / [As2sJs9d] /

Chris Brewer Bets Out Chad Eveslage

Action folded to Chad Eveslage in middle position, and he opened to 11,000. Chris Brewer was next to act and called. Action folded to Adam Hendrix in the big blind, and he called. The flop fell [Tc9c8c], and action checked to Brewer, who bet 10,000. Hendrix folded, and Eveslage called.