Bryn Kenney Eliminated in 9th Place

Sam Soverel opened to 20,000 from the cutoff, and Chris Brewer called next to act on the button. Bryn Kenney was in the small blind and moved all-in for 138,000 total. Soverel folded, and Brewer called. Kenney: [7c7d] Brewer: [KdQs] The board ran out [JhTh9dQh2d], and Brewer flopped a straight to

Alex Foxen Crosses 2 Million, Bryn Kenney under 200K

Alex Foxen opened to 20,000 from under the gun, and action folded to Bryn Kenney on the button, and he three-bet to 62,000. Foxen called. The flop fell [7h6d2s], and Foxen checked. Kenney bet 43,000, and Foxen called. The dealer burned and turned the [8d], and Foxen checked. Kenney bet

Two Pair for Justin Bonomo

We arrived at the table with a three-handed pot in action between Bryn Kenney, Justin Bonomo, and Sam Soverel on the [Kc9h8c] flop. All three players checked to see the [7d] land on the turn. Kenney bet 21,000, Bonomo called, Soverel raised to 73,000, Kenney called, and Bonomo called. The river

Sam Soverel Out Kicks Bryn Kenney

Action folded to Sam Soverel in the small blind, and he completed. Bryn Kenney was in the big blind and checked his option. The flop fell [Qs7cQh], and Soverel checked. Kenney bet 17,000, and Soverel check-raised to 42,000. Kenney called. The turn [5s] hit the felt, and Soverel checked. Kenney

Seth Davies Picks Off Bryn Kenney

Justin Bonomo raised to 14,000 from under the gun, and Seth Davies called in the cutoff, as did Bill Klein from the button and Bryn Kenney from the big blind. The [JhQd7d9s5c] board checked through to the river where Kenney bet out 6,000. Bonomo folded, Davies called, and Klein folded. Kenney announced

Seth Davies Wins Final Hand of the Night

From under the gun, Bill Klein made it 11,000 to go on the final hand of the night. Bryn Kenney was next in the cutoff seat and called. On the button, Seth Davies reraised to 50,000. Play folded to Klein, he folded, and then Kenney made the call. On the [Jh7s2d]

Bryn Kenney Out-Kicks Alex Foxen

Alex Foxen checked the [8s5c2d] flop and Bryn Kenney bet 12,000. Foxen raised to 33,000 and Kenney made the call. The turn was the [7c] and both players checked to see the [9d] hit the river. Foxen bet 20,000 and Kenney called. Foxen showed the [5h4c] but it was second best to

Seth Davies Gets There Against Bryn Kenney

Seth Davies

From the hijack position, Mikita Badziakouski raised to 11,000. Bryn Kenney then made it 39,000 to go from the cutoff seat. On the button was Seth Davies. He reraised all in for 357,500. Play folded back to Badziakouski, he folded, and then Kenney quickly called and turned over the [KhKd].

David Einhorn Eliminated by Bryn Kenney

David Einhorn raised to 10,000 from middle position before Bryn Kenney three-bet to 30,000 in the cutoff. Action folded to Einhorn, and he moved all-in for roughly 108,000 and Kenney called. Kenney: [QdQh] Einhorn: [AhKc] The dealer spread the [9d2dAs] flop to thrust Einhorn in the lead, but the [Qs] fell on the