Quads for Sean Perry

Sean Perry moved all-in from middle position for his final 250,000 and Brekstyn Schutten called in the big blind. Perry: [JsJc] Schutten: [As4h] The board ran out [8c5dJdQcJh] and Perry's quads secured him of a double.

Trips for Brekstyn Schutten

On a board of [8c2sAdAs6s] with roughly 200,000 in the middle, Shawn Daniels checked from the small blind. Brekstyn Schutten bet 155,000 from the big blind, and Daniels used three time extensions before calling. Schutten tabled his [Ac3h] for trips, and Daniels mucked.

Alex Foxen Eliminated on Money Bubble by Brekstyn Schutten

Brekstyn Schutten raised the cutoff to 50,000 and Alex Foxen three-bet the small blind to 220,000. Schutten responded by moving all-in and Foxen called all-in for 295,000 total. Foxen: [AsTs] Schutten: [Ah9c] The board ran out [8c9hKdQh4d] and Foxen was eliminated in 11th place, and on the Event #7 money bubble.

Brekstyn Schutten Check-Raises Ap Louis Garza

Ap Louis Garza raised to 40,000 in the cutoff and Brekstyn Schutten called from the big blind. The flop landed [QcTd4s] and Schutten checked. Garza bet 25,000, and Schutten check-raised to 65,000. Garza folded.

Alex Foxen Doubles Through Brekstyn Schutten

Brekstyn Schutten raised to 35,000 from under the gun and Alex Foxen moved all-in from the cutoff for 230,000. Schutten called and tabled his [8c8h] to be against Foxen's [QsQd]. The board ran out [9hKh3h2sAd] and Foxen doubled through.

Brekstyn Schutten Takes One from Alex Foxen

Alex Foxen led out for 47,000 from the big blind on a board reading [2c5d6h8h] and Brekstyn Schutten called on the button. The river was the [6s] and Foxen checked. Schutten bet 70,000 and Foxen elected to fold.

Alex Foxen Closes in on Chip Lead

Brekstyn Schutten raised to 26,000 on the button and Alex Foxen called from the small blind. Foxen checked the [9c7dAh] flop as Schutten continued for 33,000. Foxen check-raised to 82,000 total, and Schutten folded.

Brekstyn Schutten Ascends into the Chip Lead

Nick Petrangelo led out from the big blind for 75,000 on a board reading [4sAcJc9s] and Brekstyn Schutten called from under the gun. The river landed the [7c] and both players checked. Schutten tabled his [AdJh] and Petrangelo mucked.

Brekstyn Schutten vs. Jake Daniels

With roughly 25,000 in the middle on a [7dQd4s] flop, Brekstyn Schutten bet out 18,000 from the hijack. Jake Daniels called from the button as the turn landed the [Jd]. Schutten bet 57,000 and Daniels folded.