Top Hands from the British Poker Open

Sam Grafton, Christoph Vogelsang, and Paul Newey were involved in some of the most exciting hands at the British Poker Open!

If there's one thing the 2019 British Poker Open provided, it was drama. Thankfully for PokerGO fans across the world watching the live poker events play out, there were hundreds of things that it provided. Tension, big bluffs, excitement, bad beats, and incredible poker plays... the action at Aspers Casino

Ben Tollerene Wins Event #10 of British Poker Open for £840,000

Ben Tollerene after winning British Poker Open Event #10 for £840,000.

The final event of the 2019 British Poker Open, the £100,000-entry Main Event,  was the biggest buy-in and provided the best heads-up of the series, as Ben Tollerene won the final two all-ins in stunning fashion to deny Cary Katz the Main Event title. FOUR TOP PLAYERS, ONLY TWO MADE MONEY With

Cary Katz Eliminated in 2nd Place for £360,000

Ben Tollerene called pre-flop with [JsTs], then called Katz's shove with [Ac6h]. Could Tollerene hit for the title? The flop of [9s6cQh] was an extremely bad one for Katz apart from not hitting Tollerene's hand directly and flipped Tollerene to 52% favorite. The [Qd] on the turn was safe, but Katz would