Ben Heath Eliminated in 4th Place ($1,000,000)

Ben Heath has picked up a million dollars for his first Super High Roller Bowl cash, breaking the four-handed deadlock at this final table. Preflop, Heath moved in for 1,200,000 in the small blind with [qs6s].  Big blind Timothy Adams considered the bet (12 big blinds) and his hand [As2d] before

Adams Doubles Through Heath

Ben Heath, having regained the stack of 3,000,000+ he held around five hours ago, has dropped right back down to the short stack spot (1.6 million) after doubling up Timothy Adams.  Button Heath opened for 190,000 with [Qdjd] and found small blind Adams moving in for 1,400,000 with [Khqh].  Not

Final Table *Still* Four-Handed, Little Between the Stacks

The final four players are oscillating between being bunched tightly in chips and having one player stretch a slim lead; they're evenly matched in experience, skill and, so far, help from the deck.  With the blinds creeping up, however, it would only take one big match-up to end the dreams

Vogelsang Wins Last Hand Pre Break

Christoph Vogelsang raised his button with [KdJs] to 130,000, called by both blinds.  Small blind Ben Heath, with [thjh], and big blind Timothy Adams, with [4c4h], checked the [Kh6dad] flop to Vogelsang, who bet 120,000, Heath alone calling. The turn paired the board with the [6s], no bet.  The [4s] on

Badziakouski Still Ahead (Flopping Full Houses Doesn’t Hurt)

Mikita Badziakouski raised in the cutoff to 135,000 with [7c7s], called by small blind Ben Heath with [Adts], flopping sevens full of eights.  He led out for 125,000 and Heath made the call.  After the turn, the board stood [7h8s8h3d]. Badziakouski bet out 375,000 and the hand went no further.

Vogelsang Now in Lead After Winning 2 Million+ Pot from Heath

Ben Heath opened preflop with [ah9h] to 120,000, called by Christoph Vogelsang alone from the small blind with [Acqh].  A big flop for Vogelsang: [AsQs8h], which he checked, as did Heath.  Vogelsang led out for 300,000 on the [5h] turn, which gave his opponent the nut flush draw to go