Artur Martirosyan Wins Super High Roller Series Europe Event #6: $100K No-Limit Hold’em for $1.4 Million

(Image courtesy of The stakes were doubled for the sixth event of the Super High Roller Series as Artur Martirosyan followed his eighth-place finish in Event #4 with a win in Event #6: $100,000 No-Limit Hold'em for $1,400,000. The Russian now eclipses $2.7 million in lifetime tournament earnings, with this

Matthias Eibinger Down to One Chip, then None

The pot that did the damage to Matthias Eibinger saw him three-bet Artur Martirosyan preflop to 80,000 with [AhTs], Martirosyan calling out of position.  On a [9c5s7d] flop, Martirosyan called Eibinger's continuation bet of 36,000 having flopped top pair with [ks9s].  He check-called 120,000 on the [4d] turn, too, then

Double for Greenwood

Sam Greenwood moved all in from the cutoff with [Ac5h] for 82,000, called by button (and recently supremely active) Artur Martirosyan with [QdJd].  He failed to outdraw the at-risk Greenwood over a [6h2s6sTc2h] run-out, however, keeping the dangerous player in the running (albeit still short stacked).

No Back-to-Back Trophies for Phil Ivey

Phil Ivey jammed for 41,000 when it folded to him preflop with [JdTd], called by Wai Leong Chan in the hijack with a dominating [AcJc].  Over to cutoff Artur Martirosyan, who paused for a moment before three-betting small, to 105,000 with [9c9d].  Chan made the call to see a [3h6hAs]

Ivey and Sam Greenwood Double Through Martirosyan Simultaneously

Phil Ivey having just 11,000 remaining, it all went in preflop with the strong first-hand pick up of [AcKd].  Sam Greenwood behind him took the plunge too, with [Kh3h], this second total bet of 76,000 called by Artur Martirosyan with [JsTs].  The [9c9d9s4d7d] board failed to eliminate even one of

Mikita Badziakouski Turns Final Table Chip Lead to $765,000 Payday in Event #4

Mikita Badziakouski returned for Day 2 of Event #4: $50,000 No Limit Hold’em as chip leader and sailed through to victory with aggressive play and a little heads up deck-based help against eventual runner-up Artur Martirosyan.  He collected $765,000 after seeing off a star-studded final table, whittled from 45 entries,

Artur Martirosyan Rivered to Finish Runner Up ($495,000)

Artur Martirosyan limp-called the button preflop (320,000 total) with [Qs6s], seeing a pretty dream flop of [6h6c7h] vs. Mikita Badziakouski, who held [Kh9d].  Badziakouski led with his trips for 220,000, Martirosyan raised to 540,000 and Badziakouski made the call. The turn: [Th].  Badziakouski checked his turned flush draw and Martirosyan moved