Christian Rudolph Finishes Runner Up ($620,000)

Christian Rudolph had dropped to 10 big blinds after calling a river bet from Anton Suarez with queen high on a [tsjhtc4sac] board. Suarez had flopped trips with [td5d] and eked out 20,000,000 in total in that hand. With this small stack facing a recent blind raise to 3,000,000/6,000,000 - a

Rudolph Not Giving Up Without a Fight

Having saved his own tournament life with a river fold holding [6d8c] on a [6hqdkc2h3s] board (Anton Suarez setting him in with [6s2d]), Christian Rudolph picked up a pot without risking it all on a [tc2d3c] board with a check-raise from 12,000,000 to 27,000,000.  He held [qc5d]; Suarez had been

Suarez Holding Lead This Time

Another pot-a-minute stretch, with Suarez coming out of the multiple small skirmishes ever so slightly further ahead.

Suarez’s Turn to Double Back into the Lead

It was only a matter of pair vs. pair to get all the chips in the middle - [8d8s] on the button for Anton Suarez and [7h7d] for big blind Christian Rudolph.  Suarez made it 14,000,000 to go preflop, then called his full 187,000,000 off to find himself in good

Three Sizeable Pots for Rudolph, and the Chip Lead

Though Christian Rudolph was the winner of two decent sized pots recently, opponent Anton Suarez managed to get away from top pair on both, which could easily have been more costly. One saw Rudolph flop a straight with [7d8s] in the big blind on a [5d6d9d] board, while button Suarez held

Suarez Comes Over the Top for 100 Million – with Jack High

Christian Rudolph put in a check-raise worth 52,000,000 on a flop of [8h6cqc] holding [kc9s]. Button Anton Suarez, with [jd9d], had bet 18,000,000, and proceeded to bet even more with his jack high - a total of 100,000,000.  He was rewarded with a fold.

Rudolph Builds then Loses Back

Keeping up with Anton Suarez's pace of play, Christian Rudolph has taken a couple of pots away from the aggressive Swede with some timely moves of his own recently (notably an all in shove with just ace-high and a gutshot). While we were writing that, Suarez spiked river trips with his