Andrew Lichtenberger Eliminated in 11th Place

Sam Soverel opened to 30,000 from under the gun before Andrew Lichtenberger shoved for 150,000 next to act. Jason Koon called from the big blind, and Soverel called too. The flop landed [4c2c5d] and Koon checked. Soverel bet 65,000 and Koon called before the [3d] and [9h] checked down. Koon tabled his

Joe McKeehen Outkicks Andrew Lichtenberger

Joe McKeehen raised the button to 20,000 and Andrew Lichtenberger called in the big blind. The flop landed [Qh3s2s] and Lichtenberger checked. McKeehen bet 18,000 and Lichtenberger check-raised to 55,000. McKeehen called and the turn fell the [5c]. Lichtenberger announced a bet of 73,000 and McKeehen called as the river landed the

Andrew Lichtenberger Picks Off Joe McKeehen

Andrew Lichtenberger opened to 23,000 from early position and action folded to Joe McKeehen in the big blind, and he called. The dealer spread the [JcJd4s], and McKeehen checked. Lichtenberger continued for 11,000, and McKeehen check-raised to 40,000. Lichtenberger called. The turn [Ts] hit the felt, and McKeehen fired again

Eric Worre Eliminated; Andrew Lichtenberger Triples

Andrew Lichtenberger was all-in from under the gun for 149,000 while Eric Worre was all-in on the button for 221,000 as Sam Soverel called and covered both players from out of the big blind. Lichtenberger: [AcAh] Soverel: [KcKs] Worre: [TdTc] The board ran out [JcJh8s8d9s] and Worre was eliminated as Lichtenberger tripled.

David Einhorn vs. Andrew Lichtenberger

David Einhorn raised to 7,500 from middle position and Andrew Lichtenberger called in the big blind. The [Jh7sKh] flop checked through to reveal the [Js] on the turn. Lichtenberger check-called a bet of 11,000 as the river landed the [7h]. Lichtenberger checked, Einhorn bet 22,000, and Lichtenberger folded.

Sergio Aido Eliminated by Andrew Lichtenberger

With around 120,000 in the middle and the board reading [7hAc9cTs9d], Sergio Aido checked in middle position. Andrew Lichtenberger was on the button, and he used a time extension before moving all-in for 108,000. Aido used four time extensions before he called all-in for 104,500. Lichtenberger tabled his [7d7s] for a full house,

Andrew Lichtenberger and Tom Marchese Find Ace-King

Andrew Lichtenberger opened with a raise under the gun before Thomas Marchese three-bet the cutoff. Matthew Ploof called in the big blind before Lichtenberger four-bet to 30,000 total. Marchese and Ploof called as the flop landed [KsTd4s]. Ploof checked and Lichtenberger bet out 15,000. Marchese called as Ploof folded, and both players