Adrian Mateos Goes 0 for 3 in Flips to Bust in 5th ($800,000)

In an eye-wateringly quick reversal of fortune, Adrian Mateos has gone from chip leader to bust in under half an hour.  His final stand came in a blind vs. blind confrontation with Ben Heath, who raised with [Ahqs]; Mateos jammed for 1,000,000 with [2d2c] and, called, waited once again to

Adams Wins Second – Bigger – All In Flip vs. Mateos

Timothy Adams has completed a jump to the chip lead of his own with a second double through Adrian Mateos.  He three-bet Mateos preflop to 180,000 with [JsJd], then called all in for 1,600,000 when Mateos jammed on him with [AhKd], holding over a crucially low [5h8d5c6h8c] runout.

Adams Withstands Pressure from New Chip Leader

Newly minted chip leader Adrian Mateos wasted little time putting maximum pressure on big blind Timothy Adams when it folded to him in the small.  He simply moved all in (715,000 effective) with [9s7c] and waited for Adams to sweat through to a decision with [5d5c].  He made the call,

Blind on Blind Fireworks Hand Mateos the Chip Lead

It folded to small blind Adrian Mateos (fresh from losing a 400,000 pot to today's crusher so far, Christoph Vogelsang), who limped in with [QhQd].  Big blind Timothy Adams raised to 120,000 with [kdtd] and Mateos sprung the raise, making it 410,000.  Adams made the call to see a flop