Adam Hendrix Eliminated by Stephen Chidwick

Action folded to Adam Hendrix in the small blind, and he potted to 45,000. Stephen Chidwick was in the big blind and re-potted. Hendrix called all-in for his last 115,000 total. Hendrix: [Ts9h8c8d] Chidwick: [Ad9dTc6s] The board ran out [KdJs5hAcAh], and Chidwick went runner-runner trips to eliminate Hendrix in ninth place.

Adam Hendrix Finds Lucky River

On a flop of [Ad6c4c] with Adam Hendrix already all-in, Daniel Negreanu bet the pot against Miles Rampel who eventually decided to fold. Negreanu: [AsKh6d5s] Hendrix: [QdJdJh6h] The turn and river landed the [7h] and [Js], and Hendrix caught his two outer on the river to stay alive.

Sam Soverel and Adam Hendrix Chop

Sam Soverel limped under the gun and Adam Hendrix called next to act. Dylan Weisman came along from the button, as did Daniel Negreanu and Miles Rampel in the blinds. The flop landed [3s5cQc] and Soverel led out for 2,500 with only Hendrix and Negreanu calling. The turn fell the [9h] and

Turn Bet Win for Adam Hendrix

Brock Wilson raised to 2,500 in the cutoff and both Adam Hendrix and Jeffrey Trudeau called out of the blinds. The [7d7c5h] flop checked through to reveal the [6s] on the turn. Hendrix checked and Trudeau bet out 4,000. Wilson called before Hendrix check-raised to 16,000. Trudeau and Wilson both folded, and Hendrix

Adam Hendrix vs. Jared Jaffee

Jared Jaffee raised to 2,500 from under the gun and Adam Hendrix called in the big blind. The [5h3c2c] flop checked through to reveal the [As] on the turn. Hendrix led out for 5,000 and Jaffee called as the river fell the [Qc]. Hendrix bet 11,000 and Jaffee folded.

Adam Hendrix Eliminated by Vikenty Shegal

With the cards already tabled, Adam Hendrix was all-in for his last 230,000, and Vikenty Shegal called. Hendrix: [Ad8d] Shegal: [KhKd] The board ran out [Js8c9cJh7s], and Shegal's kings held to eliminate Hendrix.

Adam Hendrix Doubles Through David Coleman

Adam Hendrix was all-in for 231,000 from the small blind against David Coleman in the big blind. Hendrix: [AsKs] Coleman: [AhJd] The board ran out [2hAd4h5s4c] and Hendrix scooped the double.

Chad Eveslage vs. Adam Hendrix

Adam Hendrix opened to 9,000 from late position, and action folded to Chad Eveslage in the big blind and called. The flop fell [9d5s4d] and Eveslage checked. Hendrix continued for 7,000, and Eveslage called. The turn [2s] and the river [Qh] hit the felt and action checked through on both

Adam Hendrix vs. Bill Klein

Adam Hendrix raised to 4,000 from middle position and Bill Klein defended his big blind. The [8c4sJd5c9h] board checked through to the river where Klein tabled his [Qh6h], only to be beaten by Hendrix's [Ad4d] for bottom pair.

Adam Hendrix Doubles Through Daniel Negreanu

With roughly 35,000 in the middle and the board reading [7sAd3s5s], Daniel Negreanu bet out roughly 140,000 and Adam Hendrix quickly called all-in for his last 62,000. Hendrix: [KsJs] Negreanu: [2s2h] The river landed the meaningless [5h], and Hendrix doubled through.