Through the Lens: Draymond Green Gets Dunked On!


Last night was the first night of Hellmuth’s Home Game as the Poker Brat himself brought all of his friends from outside the poker world to come splash around on the PokerGO stage. The lineup consisted of tech giants, Chamath Palihapitiya, Jason Calcanis, Rick Thompson, and David Sacks.

Golden State Warriors’ Draymond Green also jumped into the game, accompanied by Phil Hellmuth and Maria Ho. The home game atmosphere created for plenty of action, and a ton of hilarious needling between the group of friends. Here are some of my favorite images from the night!

Relive all the action on PokerGO right now. Read more about Draymond Green’s exploits at the poker table right here.

The lineup for Hellmuth’s Home Game, night one!
Draymond Green couldn’t bear to watch as he got in all of his chips holding two queens against his buddy Rick Thompson’s two jacks. Luckily for Green, his queens held, and he scored the double, double! 
Phil Hellmuth was ecstatic to double through his buddy David Sacks early on in the session. Hellmuth moved all-in with top pair and it was more than enough to earn the full double! 
Maria Ho was all smiles after starting the session with one hell of a hero call! Draymond Green put Ho to the test when he shoved the river and after a few interrogation questions, Ho called with bottom pair. Green proclaimed it was a good call and Ho raked in the pot to start the session. 
Jason Calcanis was far and away one of the most outspoken players at the table last night. Constantly throwing around verbal jabs to his buddies, his dialect added so much humor to the game. Always fun covering events when players are familiar with each other and can take jokes. 
While Rick Thompson was on the end of quite a few grandpa jokes, he was the one walking away with the last laugh as he was one of the biggest winners on the night.

The second night of “Hellmuth’s Home Game” on Poker After Dark gets underway at 6:00 pm ET on PokerGO. Tune in to follow all the action live.